Minutes of Meeting 28th June, 2015


Summary of Meeting


Time                                                    : 10:30 – 12:30

Total members attended                : 25

Total Guest attended                       : 6

Toast Master of the Day (TMOD)  : TM Shanni

Ah Counter                                        : TM Naveen

Timer                                                  : TM Anirudh

Grammarian                                      : TM Umme

General Evaluator                            : TM Sriram

Table Topics Master                        : TM Rajesh

Auditor of the day                           : TM Nirav

Word of the day                               : Annihilation

Theme of the day                             : Mumbai Rains



Details of the Meeting


This Sunday morning, 103th meeting of Thane Toastmasters was full of energetic audience. The session was started by TM Nirav, who recited the mission of the toastmasters and gave general instructions.


TM Sriram was then called on to the stage to start the excom election. He called all the nominated members on the stage and asked the members in the audience, whether they would like to contest against anyone. After a minute of silence all the nominated members were elected as excom committee members. The new excom is as follows

(1) Sergeant at arms                                     TM Nirav
(2) Treasurer                                                 TM Neela
(3) Secretary                                                 TM Vishwanath
(4) Vice President Public Relation                TM Vinayakam
(5) Vice President Membership                    TM Swapneel
(6) Vice President Education                        TM Ummesalma
(7)President                                                  TM Tejaswini
(8)Webmaster                                               TM Vishwanath
(9) Immediate Past President                       TM Terrance


Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) TM Shanni then took over the rest of the session. TM Shanni introduced the theme of today’s meeting Mumbai Rains.


He talked about how Monsoon rains bring Mumbai to a standstill. He also touched the good points about monsoon such as it brings a cool breeze along with washing down the summer heat and soaking half of Mumbai in a romantic mood.


TM Shanni then introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session. Before calling a speaker, TM Shanni stated each and every speakers experience with rains.


Prepared speeches


Speaker 1, TM Soundharya gave her P2 speech titled “Life is a Rollercoaster”

Her speech was all about reinforcing the metaphor “life is a rollercoaster” and how experiencing a rollercoaster ride teaches you about life.

This thoughtful speech was evaluated by TM Vishwanath.


Speaker 2, TM Swapneel gave his P4 speech titled “Subprime Crises”

TM Swapneel talked about the 2008 financial crises. He created an analogy between a restaurant and Wallstreet firms making the speech very interesting and easy to understand.

His speech was evaluated by TM Rajesh.


Speaker 3, TM Easwar gave his P4 speech titled “Health Health Health”

TM Easwar talked about the importance of health. In his speech he narrated an interesting story about Apollo astronaughts and how the space mission has an adverse effect on their health.

His speech was evaluated by TM Tejaswini.


Speaker 4, TM Prachi gave her P6 speech titled “The Right Balance”

TM Prachi speech was about inculcating discipline in children. She narrated a very humorous account about disciplining her intelligent yet mischievous son and taking efforts to instill the right balance in him.

This wonderful speech was evaluated by TM Ramanathan

Table topic speeches


TM Rajesh then took over the session as the Table Topics Master. He started the session explaining about table topics for the benefit of the guests. Volunteers for table topics were called


Speaker 1 TM Hariharan

Topic: Rain and childhood memories


Speaker 2 TM Tejaswini

Topic: Rain – Boon or Bane


Speaker 3 TM Neerav

Topic:  Does it rain when god cries?


Speaker 4 TM Sriram

Topic: Rains fill roads and empty lakes


Speaker 5 Sajjan

Topic: With her on a beautiful rainy day


Speaker 6 TM Umme

Topic: Too much or too little

Following this, TM Sriram provided his General Evaluations.

The Timer, Grammarian, Table topics evaluator and Ah counter provided their feedbacks.

TM Terrance then called upon the guests for their valuable feedback and experience during the course of the session.



After that Winners were declared ….                                                  


Speaker of the Day – TM Prachi
Table Topics Speaker – TM Hariharan


Evaluator of the Day – TM Ramanathan

  Congratulations to All the Winners!

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