Minutes of Meeting 5th July 2015

Summary of Meeting

Time                                                    : 10:30 – 12:30

Total members attended                : 22

Total Guest attended                       : 5

Toast Master of the Day (TMOD)  : TM Sriram

Ah Counter                                        : TM Ashish

Timer                                                  : TM Bhumika

Grammarian                                      : TM Rajesh

General Evaluator                            : TM Vishwanath

Table Topics Master                        : TM Sadhana

Auditor of the day                           : TM Vinayakam

Word of the day                               : Laurel

Theme of the day                             : Dreams

Details of the Meeting

This Sunday morning, began the 104th meeting of Thane Toastmasters. The session was started by TM Nirav, who recited the mission of the toastmasters and gave general instructions.

TM Nirav then called the immediate past President TM Terrance to the stage. TM Terrance called the guests on the stage to say a word or few about how they came to know about Thane toastmaster and what are their expectations from this club. After the guests were introduced TM Terrance highlighted all the laurels Thane Toastmasters has achieved during his reign as a President. He made a wonderful presentation to show all the achievements followed by a beautiful video which rejuvenated our pleasant memories with Thane Toastmasters.

TM Terrance then called the installation ceremony officer TM Rajesh to preside over the installation ceremony.

After the installation Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) TM Sriram took over the rest of the session.

TM Sriram introduced the theme of today’s meeting Dreams. He divided his theme into 3 parts

  • Science behind dreams
  • Beliefs various ancient civilizations(Greeks, Egyptians and Mesopotamians) had about dreams
  • Various cultural references of dreams

The whole theme was nicely articulated and well researched.


TM Sriram then introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Tanmay gave his P1 speech titled “My Life My Experience”

His Speech was a narrative about lessons that life has taught him. The lessons are

  • Success is never ending. It not a destination where once you reach you can afford to sit on the laurels and spend the rest of your life. It’s a continuous journey
  • Failure is never final
  • That it is not that people don’t know what to do it is just that more than half the time people don’t do what they already know

This thoughtful speech was evaluated by TM Swapneel.

Speaker 2, TM Ashish Kulkarni gave his P7 speech titled “Brief about Business”

TM Ashish explained the basics of business such as what is ownership, proprietorship, partnership etc.

His speech was evaluated by TM Rajesh.

Table topic speeches

TM Sadhana then took over the session as the Table Topics Master. He started the session explaining about table topics for the benefit of the guests. Volunteers for table topics were called

Speaker 1 TM Tejaswini

Topic: Picture Story of a woodcutter and his 3 axes

Speaker 2 TM Mahavir

Topic: What is your greatest challenge?


Speaker 3 TM Varun

Topic: Leaders are made not born

Speaker 4 TM Subramanium

Topic: MBA or Scientist?

Speaker 5 TM Swapneel

Topic: Picture – Farmer and pigeons

Following this, TM Vishwanath provided his General Evaluations.

The Timer, Grammarian, Table topics evaluator and Ah counter provided their feedbacks.

TM Sriram then called upon the guests for their valuable feedback and experience during the course of the session.

After that Winners were declared ….                                                  

Speaker of the Day – TM Tanmay


Table Topics Speaker – TM Subramanium
Evaluator of the Day – TM Swapneel






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