Meeting Minutes 18th October 2015

118th Meeting

Time                                                  : 10:30 – 12:30

Total members attended                   : 30

Total Guest attended                         : 7

Toast Master of the Day (TMOD)      :  TM Naveen

Ah Counter                                        : TM Premchand

Timer                                                  : TM Nidhin

Grammarian                                      : TM Soundharya

Word of the day                               : Conundrum – Puzzle, difficult situation, riddle

General Evaluator                            : TM Amitosh

Table Topics Evaluator                     : TM Neela

Theme of the day                              : Meetings

Auditor of the day                              : TM Rajesh

Details of the Meeting

This Sunday morning, day was set for the 118th meeting of Thane Toastmasters. The room was completely packed with members and guests. In absence of SAA Nirav the session was started by TM Ramanathan, who gave general instructions and called the president to come to the stage and introduce the guest.

President TM Tejaswini unveiled “Member Moments” a small session where members will talk about some challenging task they took in Toastmasters, how they completed it, the experience and learning they gained from it.

The first person on Member Moments was TM Neela, who talked about his experience of becoming contest chair for a competition held in a different club. He spoke about his learning’s and encouraged all the members to take up roles in other clubs too.

TM Tejaswini then called the toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Naveen to conduct the rest of the session

TM Naveens topic was titled “Meeting”. He started with a very thoughtful one liner “In meetings minutes are kept but hours are lost”.

TM Naveen showed some interesting statistics about what people do in a meeting. It was very shocking to know that 90% people day dream during meeting and 60% take notes to appear as if they are listening. He went on to describe types of meeting and types of people in the meeting in a very humorous way by comparing them to animals in the jungle. Here are a few examples

Lions: Person with a loud mouth, big ego, may or may not be the decision maker

Fox: A cunning member. Puts his personal interest above the interest of others

Rat: Hides behind statistics and figures

Chimpanzee: Tries to keep everyone focused with the agenda

Dog: Loyal, keeps minutes

Parrot: Repeats the same thing again and again…..

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session. Below is a glimpse of the meeting in pictures

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Ramji gave his Ice breaker speech titled “Opportunities are Present for Everyone

TM Ramji gave an introduction about himself. TM Ramji comes from a humble village where nobody knew the meaning of hobbies and to study in the evening meant lighting up the kerosene lamp. They however played a lot of kabaddi. TM Ramaji, through merit and scholarship became chartered accountant and got married in 1996. He now lives a content life with his family and wants to concentrate on other creative aspects in life and that is one of the reasons why he joined Thane Toastmasters. TM Ramji received a standing ovation for his speech. This speech was evaluated by TM Rishi.

TM Rishi commended the speaker for not using notes and also recommended him to add a quote at the beginning and have a proper closing to the speech.

Speaker 2, TM Vivekananda gave his Ice breaker speech titled “My Introduction

TM Vivekananda gave an introduction about himself. TM Vivekananda received a holistic viewpoint of entire Indian syllabus as he did his education from different parts of India, namely Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Karnataka. He is proud of his name as people can connect his name with the great son of India. A supporter of Ramkrishna mission and Art of Living, TM Vivekananda likes to read a lot and also likes watching movies. Although TM Vivekananda is a little uncomfortable speaking in public, but given the enthusiasm, encouragement and evaluations from fellow Toastmasters he believes he will definitely overcome his fear of public speaking. TM Vivekananda received a standing ovation for his speech.

This speech was evaluated by TM Ramanathan.

Speaker 3, TM Sunil gave his P2 speech Titled “Time and Tide Waits for No Man

TM Sunil emphasised on the point that the passage of time cannot be stopped and we should not delay doing things. He gave his own example to prove a point. After getting an IT job he was so mesmerized by the free coffee and IT desk life that he ignored his other hobbies in life. He soon realized his behaviour and went for a change to balance his lifestyle. Now TM Sunil does yoga in public gardens not only for himself but to inspire others around him. This speech was evaluated by TM Vishwanath.

TM Vishwanath commended the speaker for his strong voice, controlled pace and recommended TM Sunil to time his speech.

Speaker 4, TM Vittal gave his P2 speech titled “Power of Yoga

TM Vittal talked about the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga. He cleared a common misconception by saying that if physical exercise is yoga, then people from the circus should be called yogis.  Yoga is a technique that balances body, breath and brain and in this digital age the need of the hour is yoga. In the end TM Vittal came up with a brilliant quote “Yoga a day keeps the doctor away”

This highly educative speech was evaluated by TM Tejaswini.

Speaker 5, TM Shekhar gave his P2 speech titled “All is Well

TM Shekhar narrated his experience when he started losing a lot of hair a few years back. He was scared by the prospect of going bald and likened it to a moon growing on his head. All this happened at the age when he was about to find a bride. He tried various methods but all in vain. Finally all was well when he met the bride and she said baldness was not an issue at all.

This humorous speech was evaluated by TM Sriram who commended TM Shekhar for talking about his issues with baldness and recommended him to use his body language and add a bit of vocal variety.

Speaker Tanmaya gave his area level winning speech titled “Give Your Best Leave the Rest”

This speech was all about TM tanmaya go in a pursuit of finding a marriage material girl during his B-School days but his quest was not without any perils for he has to also keep in mind the religion, caste and language of the girl before going for the kill.

Table Topic Speeches

TM Sriram took over the session as the Table Topics Master. He started the session explaining about table topics for the benefit of the guests. One topic delivered to different crowd of people was the format of the meeting. The topic was “Baba blacksheep”. Volunteers for table topics were called

Speaker 1 Sameer Sinha

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of 1st standard children

Speaker 2 TM Tejaswini

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of top class chef

Speaker 3 Bharat

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of retiring teachers

Speaker 4 TM Amitosh

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of top class politicians

Speaker 5 TM Soundharya

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of Oscar winning actors

Speaker 6 Amit

Topic: You are delivering this message to a group of top CEO’s

Following this TM Amitosh provided his General Evaluations. The timer, grammarian and the Ah counter provided their feedback.

After that Winners were declared ….

  • Speaker of the Day – TM Vittal
  • Table Topics Speaker – Amit
  • Best Evaluator – TM Sriram

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