Meeting Minutes 25th October 2015

Summary of Meeting

Time                                                    : 10:30 – 12:30

Total members attended                : 22

Total Guest attended                       : 5

Toast Master of the Day (TMOD):  TM Ramanathan

Ah Counter                                        : TM Sunil

Timer                                                  : TM Ashish

Grammarian                                      : TM Vittal

Word of the day                               : Emphatic – Spoken with emphasis

General Evaluator                            : TM Vishwanath

Table Topics Evaluator                    : TM Tanmaya

Theme of the day                             : White Lies

Auditor of the day                           : TM Ramji

Details of the Meeting

While Indian news channels were busy debating on the feasibility of “Acche Din” (Good Days), the 119th meeting sure marked the beginning of “Acche Din” for Thane Toastmasters. Thane Toastmaster inaugurated its new projector. Now every member can use a projector if the speech demands it.

In absence of SAA Nirav the session was started by TM Amitosh, who gave general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Umme Salma to come to the stage and introduce the guest.

TM Umme then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Ramanathan to conduct the rest of the session.

TM Ramanathans topic was titled “White Lies”.

Everyone tells a white lie on occasion, it’s just a question of why.  Some white lies save relationships, some ease a hectic situation, and others buy us time. We all do it, so there is no reason to deny it. In fact were it not for white lies, USA and USSR could have ended up having a nuclear war! The world is probably a good place because of white lies. As long as we aren’t hurting others or breaking the law, these innocent lies can make life more pleasant.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Santosh gave his P3 speech titled “Heart

TM Santosh gave an emotional yet informational speech about taking care of heart. The rate of heart attacks has increased so much such that UN had to declare 29th September as world heart day to raise awareness. TM Santosh highlighted 4 factors that cause heart attack and what should be done in order to avoid them.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Rishi.

TM Rishi commended the speaker for the structure of the speech and recommended him to focus on gestures and stage usage.

Speaker 2, TM Bhaskar gave his ACB 8 speech titled “Know whom you are speaking to

TM Bhaskar narrated a heart touching story about tragedy, sorrow and hope. TM Bhaskar described in great detail how misunderstandings can leave you bitter. He narrated a story of a man whose son went into a medical emergency and the only doctor available was at a ceremony. The fact that he can only come after 15 minutes created a lot of bitterness in the mind of the man. However this misunderstanding was soon gone once the doctor came in time and saved the child letting the man know that he was attending his son’s funeral and it took him 15 minutes to perform the last rites.

This speech was evaluated by TM Umme.

TM Umme commended the speaker for coming up with such a soulful speech and recommended him to add little emotions and voice modulations to increase the impact of the speech.

Table Topic Speeches

TM Vinayakam took over the session as the Table Topics Master. He conducted the session using the newly brought projector. First he explained the rules of table topics to the guest and then he proceeded with calling the volunteers for table topics. Volunteers were given a white lie and had to elaborate on it.

Speaker 1 TM Sunil

Topic: It wasn’t me

Speaker 2 TM Subramanium

Topic: I will be ready in 5 minutes

Speaker 3 TM Vittal

Topic: Things would have been different, only if I was there

Speaker 4 TM Ramji

Topic: I’ll start working on it as soon as possible

Speaker 5 Amit

Topic: I thought I have already sent it (and I am not lying)

Speaker 6 TM Amitosh

Topic: I am 29

Speaker 7 TM Reshma

Topic: I am 21, 6’5 with a muscular build

Speaker 8 Wahid Khan

Topic: My resume is 5 pages long for a good reason

Speaker 9 TM Ashish Kulkarni

Topic: No officer I had no idea how fast I was going

Speaker 10 TM Rohit

Topic: Yeah you look great in that dress

Following this TM Vishwanath provided his General Evaluations. The timer, grammarian and the Ah counter provided their feedback.

After that Winners were declared ….

  • Speaker of the Day – TM Santosh (TCS Maitree)
  • Best TT Speaker – TM Subramanium and TM Reshma (Tie)
  • Best Evaluator – TM Umme Salma

Following this TM Vishwanath provided his General Evaluations. The timer, grammarian and the Ah counter provided their feedback.

After that Winners were declared ….

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