Meeting Minutes 8th November 2015 (TCS – Thane Joint Meeting)

Summary of Meeting

Time                                                    : 10:30 – 12:30

Total members attended                : 45

Total Guest attended                       : 3

Toast Master of the Day (TMOD):  TM Sriram

Ah Counter                                        : TM Santosh

Timer                                                  : TM Palak

Grammarian                                      : TM Naveen

Word of the day                               :  Flamboyant – Having style, flashy, confident

General Evaluator                            : TM Ankit

Table Topics Master                        : TM Neha

Table Topics Evaluator                    : TM Umme

Theme of the day                             : James Bond

Auditor of the day                           : TM Nagesh

Details of the Meeting

At the time when Lalu-Nitish joint alliance was working wonders in Bihar state elections. A similar alliance worked its charm in Thane when TCS Maitree Toastmasters and Thane Toastmasters came together to do a joint meeting

SAA Nirav started the session by giving general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Tejaswini and the president of TCS Maitree Toastmasters TM Raunak Kulwal to come to the stage and say a few words about this meeting.

TM Tejaswini then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Sriram to conduct the rest of the session.

TM Sriram’s topic was titled “James Bond”.

The James Bond fan for over 23 years told us everything we need to know about the 5 decade franchise. TM first conducted a brilliant activity which helped us remember all the movies of James Bond. He then drew parallels between James bond and TCS – Thane Toastmaster club. TM Sriram led us into the history of James Bond talking about the books, movies, actors, actresses, gadgets and guns featured in the James bond movie.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Amit gave his P4 speech titled “Character

TM Amit core message was “Crises does not make character but it does reveal it”. To give an example of great character TM Amit narrated the story of Bill Lear who made high speed planes. When one of his planes crashed, Lear grounded all his planes until the error in the planes was rectified even if it meant suffering huge losses.

This inspiring speech was evaluated by TM Ashish.

TM Ashish commended the speaker for leaving a positive note, the impact of the speech and usage of triads and recommended him to use voice modulation judiciously

Speaker 2, TM Swapneel gave his P8 speech titled “Coca Cola

TM Swapneel gave us a rundown on the history of the most iconic brand in the world Coca Cola. He talked about its origin, assets and it’s no holds barred competition with Pepsi.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Mahavir.

TM Mahavir commended the speaker for having chosen a topic which would appeal to both audience as well as corporate speakers and recommended him to quote the source of research, incorporate objectives of all previous speeches.

Speaker 3, TM Nirav gave his P9 speech titled “Worthwhile Investment

TM Nirav talked about taking the educational responsibility of unprivileged children. To make a strong case he narrated his mother and his uncle’s story who when given the opportunity made it large. TM Nirav concluded by saying that if you want to change one nation start by changing just one child.

This persuasive speech was evaluated by TM Ankit.

TM Ankit commended the speaker for having met all the objectives of P9 speech and recommended him to use visual aids, focus on stage usage and voice modulation.

Speaker 4, TM Subramanium gave his P9 speech titled “Which is the Best Method

TM Subbramanium took us into the history of cricket and talked about the different methods that were used to finalize scores whenever rain interrupted a cricket match. In the 90s flawed methods such as average run rate and most productive overs method were used which were easily exploitable. To counter these flaws the Duckworth Luis method was introduced. However the current method too has been criticised. In the end TM Subbramanium left it to the audience to decide the best method.

This entertaining speech was evaluated by TM Mohammed.

TM Mohammed commended the speaker for beautiful start, audience connect as well as use of stage and gestures and recommended him to include a problem statement.

Speaker 5, TM Mohammed Faraz gave his ACB9 speech titled “Never Ending Vacation

TM Mohammed narrated the story of a seventh grader Tom and his best friend Rachel. Tom tries to convince her to read “To kill a mocking bird” as a part of summer vacation assignment. During summer vacations his frenemy Miller wrongfully accuses Tom of kissing his sister. After all this character assassination Tom becomes depressed and takes a drastic step. After summer vacation Rachel starts reading a paragraph of “To kill a mocking bird” staring at the empty chair of Tom with tears rolling down her eyes.

This dramatic speech was evaluated by TM Rajesh.

TM Rajesh commended the speaker for artful storytelling, good start and conclusion and recommended him to use pauses and a little bit of vocal variety.

Speaker 5, TM Deepak gave his ACS 4 speech titled “Accepting an Award

TM Raunak Kulwal endowed TM Deepak with an award (Golden pin) for becoming a competent communicator. TM Deepak expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the people who helped him in his endeavour.

This speech was evaluated by TM Shailesh.

TM Shailesh commended the speaker for using great humour in his speech and recommended him focus on a few grammatical errors.

Table Topic Speeches

TM Neha took over the session as the Table Topics Master. First she explained the rules of table topics to the guest and then she proceeded with calling the volunteers for table topics. Volunteers were given a topic which was either a Bond movie or a gadget.

Speaker 1 TM Sunil

Topic: Never say never again

Speaker 2 TM Sukriti

Topic: What customization do you want in your car?

Speaker 3 TM Sameer

Topic: Die another day

Speaker 4 TM Parakh

Topic: What customization do you want in your gun?


Speaker 5 TM Sogesh

Topic: You can’t pin them all

Speaker 6 TM Agrim

Topic: What customization do you want in your Watch?

Evaluation Section

TM Ankit then took over the session as the General Evaluator. The Grammarian, AH Counter and Timer provided their feedback of the session. The evaluators provided their feedback for the prepared speeches. The Auditor asked difficult questions and handed out chocolates to those who answered it. TM Ankit then provided his evaluation some of his recommendations were

  • Using a phrase of the day
  • Using POET structure to call speakers

After that Winners were declared….

Best Speaker – TM Subramanium

Best TT Speaker – TM Sogesh

Best Evaluator – TM Shailesh

Congratulations to All the Winners!

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