Meeting Minutes 10th January 2016

125th Meeting

Time : 10:30 – 12:30
Total members attended : 15
Total Guest attended : 3
Toast Master of the Day (TMOD) : TM Prateek
Ah Counter : TM Vittal
Timer : TM Ramanathan
Grammarian : TM Sriram
Word of the day : Credible-Credible leaders are successful
General Evaluator : TM Nirav
Theme of the day : The leader in you

Details of the Meeting

In the absence of our new Sergent At Arms TM Sunil Shaw the session was started TM Prateek , who gave general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Ashish to come to the stage and introduce the guests.Ashish narrated an inspiring story about team work and urged us to ignore imperfections and work together.

TM Ashish then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Prateek to conduct the rest of the session.

TM Prateek topic was titled “The Leader in You”.

Leadership is the most used and abused word in training industry.Leadership is demonstrated in small and simple things like taking up roles at the last minute,greeting a new person,helping someone in need.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Soundharya gave her P4 speech titled “Most Dangerous Zone.”

According to the speaker ,If we want something we never had,we need to do something we never did.We all feel uncomfortable when called unexpectedly to the stage or when we deliver our P1 speech.But according to the speaker the MOST DANGEROUS ZONE Is the COMFORT ZONE.The speaker said that the last speech she delivered on the stage was during the humorous speech contest.Overjoyed by the compliments and her success she did not deliver a speech for 4-5 months.Then one day TM Tejaswini urged her to step outside her comfort zone and deliver her next speech.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Amit Panchal who appreciated the speaker’s use of examples to explain her points and recommended her to reduce her speed and talk in a more conversational style.

Speaker 2, TM Shanni gave his P7 speech titled ”Internet is the new Water”.

There are 4 billion internet users in world today.India ranks 2nd in internet usage.In Africa there are 10 milllion internet users.Internet has taken the place of water today.

And people are facing Water shortage all over the world.1.1 Billion people have no water access.1.1 million people die every year due to water shortage every year.African people spend 40 billion hours hours/year to collect water.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Vishwanath.He commended the speaker for the research he had done modulation and suggested him to use sue card and time his speech while preparing at home.

Table Topic Speeches

TM Amit Joshi took over as the Table Topics master.He briefly explained the importance of table topics and asked people to volunteer.

Speaker 1 TM Sugesh

Topic: New Year resolutions don’t last

Speaker 2 TM Sunil

Topic:How Managers can become leaders?

Speaker 3 TM Amit

Topic: Believe you can and You are halfway there.

Speaker 4 TM Vittal

Topic: How does self-awareness take to self-leadership?

Speaker 5 TM Swapnali

Topic: One who conquers himself is better than one who conquers 1000 people on the battlefield?

Speaker 6 TM Nirav

Topic: Comfort zone is the best zone.

Speaker 7 TM Eknath

Topic: My experience with leadership.

Speaker 8 TM Amoli

Topic: My leadership role model

Speaker 9 TM Vishwanath

Topic: My new year Resolutions.

Grey Matter Session

TM Eknath Hole started by asking “Who are leaders?”.It is equally important to perfrom leadership roles from the Competent Leadership Manual as taking speech slots.CL manual is Bible,Gita and Quran for a TM.

Trends of leadership are:

1. Listening

2. Time Management

3. Delegation

4. Team Building

5. Feedback

6. Critical Thinking

We need to follow a PPR approach where P stands for Planning .The next P stands for performing those roles.And R stands for Recording our progress in The CL manual.

After that winners were declared.

Best Speaker:Soundarya

Best TT Speaker:Sugesh

Best Evaluator:Amit Panchal

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