Meeting Minutes 17th January 2016

126th Meeting

Time : 10:30 – 12:30
Total members attended : 18
Total Guest attended : 2
Toast Master of the Day (TMOD) : TM Tanmaya
Ah Counter : TM Abhishek
Timer : TM Shravanti
Grammarian : TM Bhaskar
Word of the day : Electic-He created an electic collection of coins from various currencies.
General Evaluator : TM Soundharya
Theme of the day : The secret wishlist

Details of the Meeting

In the absence of our new Sergeant At Arms TM Sunil Shaw the session was started TM Prateek , who gave general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Ashish to come to the stage and introduce the guests.Ashish narrated an inspiring story about team work and urged us to ignore imperfections and work together.

TM Ashish then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Tanmay to conduct the rest of the session.Kudos to TM Tanmay who took up the role of TMOD AT the last minute.

TM Tanmay introduced the theme of the day titled “The Secret Wishlist”.

TM Tanmay asked the audience to write any two wishes they have on a piece of paper. We all make resolutions at the start of every year and fail to live them.TMOD asked the audience’s opinion about how they feel they can fulfil their wishes.While some said focus is the key factor,others felt that taking ACTION is very important.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Shekhar gave her P3 speech titled “Valley of Passes.

TM Shekhar recounted his experience when he visited Jammu & Kashmir with his family.One of the key attractions of Jammu and Kashmir is Ladakh ,also known as the ‘VALLEY OF PASSES.’ There are many places to visit in Kashmir like Sanchi Stupa,monasteries,local markets ,and the snow capped mountains.The speaker also visited PANGONG LAKE and the school where the last scene of the movie 3 idiots was shot.People face breathlessness and pressure-related problems at such a high elevation.The army,however withstand all odds and problems to protect the country and the people ,putting theit lives at stake.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Amit Panchal who appreciated the speaker’s use of examples to explain his points and recommended her to reduce her speed and talk in a more conversational style.

Speaker 2, TM Amit gave his P4 speech titled ”Foreign Escapades”.

The speaker narrated his myriad of experiences of travelling to foreign lands.He had his first plane ride while travelling to Singapore.The pressure was unbearable.He ordered wine and whisky and realized that both are served in different bottles.While he was in Japan he had to sleep on a four feet high bed.he also faced language barriers.At one point he was frisked by police at the gun point.This experiences taught him tolerance,open-mindedness and adventuressness.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Vishwanath.He commended the speaker for the research he had done modulation and suggested him to use sue card and time his speech while preparing at home.

Speaker 3, TM Vishwanath gave his ACB1 speech titled “My life pain riding a train.

Overcrowded Indian trains unite people.Basically there are two types of people pursuing engineering.

1.Logical people

2.People who want to become iron man but end up becoming monkey man.

The speaker compares a bridge to a river that flows and a platform to an ocean.There is so much rush and excitement while getting inside a train .The reason for that excitement is not because there is a tv,refrigerator or a railway hostess inside .Rather the excitement is to catch a window seat.There are many ways in which people catch train handles.People catching handle with one hand are compared to a superman while those using two hands are compared to a spiderman.The speaker however feels that train teaches us values like respecting time,valuing small things like a window seat.The speaker advises us to enjoy this hell of a ride.

Speaker 4, TM Umme gave her ACB5 speech titled “Greet with Elegance.

A simple handshake can create a long lasting impression in the minds of people.The speaker called TM Tejaswini for demonstrating various kinds of handshakes.Every handshake depicts something:

1.Sweaty palms:indicates nervousness in a social setting.

2.Hand crusher:to intimidate the other person

3.Dead fish:lack of self-interest

4.Queen fingers:generally done by people wanting more personal space

5.Hand hug:shows friendliness,warmth and care

6.Dominator:putting one hand over the other.To show dominance over other person.

A good handshake has a proper eye contact and a warm smile .Everyone can practice good shandshakes.

Speaker 5, TM Ron gave his ACS6 speech titled “Karma

The speaker started by asking “Who believe in karma?”.Two boys Surya and AAkash studied in a renowned school under a spiritual guru.While surya was arrogant,rude and bullied everyone Aakash was kind,gentle and helpful.Master would often chastisise Surya for his misdeeds by saying that “Karma will punish you.”One day Guruji had a vision and asked both of them to pay homage to a diety in a temple.They took different routes while returning.On his way,Surya saw a gold coin .Picking it up he rushed to the ashram and boasted to everyone about it.On the other hand Aakash’s foot was pierced by a thorn.Aakash felt bitter and disappointed.He confronted the guruji who explained that in his vision he had actually seen Surya winning a treasure and Aakash meeting with a fatal accident.It is because of their respective past deeds that both got what each deserved.

The TMOD then announced a break of 10 minutes.After the break TMOD said another aspect of achieving our desires.If we focus too much on our goals and deny the fact that things are not working out ,we may end up burning out .We need to have a flexible approach.TMOD then handed over the session to table topics master TM Prateek.

Table Topic Speeches

Tt master TM Prateek took over as the Table Topics master.He briefly explained the importance of table topics and asked people to volunteer.

Speaker 1 TM Amit

Topic:When going gets tough the tough gets going.

Speaker 2 TM Bhaskar

Topic:How to eliminate fear?

Speaker 3 TM Sri Ram

Topic: Limits exist only in mind.

Speaker 4 TM Ramji

Topic: Do critics really matter?

Speaker 5 TM Mohammed

Topic: How to grow stronger from failure?

Speaker 6 TM Nirav

Topic: If others can do it even I can do it.

Speaker 7 TM Ashish

Topic: What is comfort Zone?

TM Prateek Joshi then handed the control of the meeting to TMOD TM Tanmay. TMOD then called the General Evaluator TM Soundharya.


TM Soundharya called the individual evaluators,timer ,ah-counter who reported their evaluations,timings and speaking errors respectively.TM Soundharya then gave her feedback about the entire meeting.

1.The Meeting did not start on time.

2.Please ensure that we mark our attendance in the loulou app regularly.

TM Soundharya then handed the control of the meeting to the TMOD of the day.TMOD called the new president on stage.

Best Speaker:Ron

Best TT Speaker:Sriram

Best Evaluator:Tejaswini

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