Meeting Minutes – 7th February 2016

127th Meeting

Time : 10:30 – 12:30
Total members attended : 19
Total Guest attended : 11
Toast Master of the Day (TMOD) : TM Nirav
Ah Counter : TM Shanni
Timer : TM Ashish
Grammarian : TM Naresh
Word of the day : Profound:The speech had a profound impact on the audience.
General Evaluator : TM Mohammed Babrawala
Theme of the day : Farewell

Details of the Meeting

Sergeant At Arms TM Sunil Shaw started the session was ,giving general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Ashish to come to the stage and introduce the guests.

TM Ashish then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Nirav to conduct the rest of the session.

TM Nirav introduced the theme of the day titled “Farewell”. TM Nirav asked the audience ,”What comes to your mind when you hear the word farewell.Farewell is an expression of saying goodbye,wishing best luck to a person who is departing away from us.TMOD explained that the meeting is divided into three parts:Prepared Speeches,TableTopics and General Evaluation.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Dilip gave her P3 speech titled “Habit is a winner of life.”

TM Dilip has a habit of playing guitar and singing.His fellow resident, Yashwant has set a record by walking from Kanyakumari to Srinagar and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat.One needs to maintain consistency to develop good habitsThe speaker has devloped a habit of attending TM meetings.In order to live a healthy lifestyle one needs to maintain good habits.

This informative speech was evaluated by TM Sunil Shaw who appreciated the speaker’s nice message and avoid looking Here and There.

Speaker 2, TM Prateek gave his P5 speech titled “Its appraisal time”.

The speaker narrated his dream where he sees himself dead on the railway tracks .He is woken up by his boss.In his dream he had seen himselh getting a meagre appraisal.However to his relief he actually got a great appraisal of 25 %.

This speech was evaluated by TM Vishwanath. He commended the speaker for the superb story,and his facial expressons.

Speaker 3, TM Umme Salma gave her ACB6 speech.

Students are facing depreesion now-a-days.TM Umme advertised a company which provides psychologists to students.Special students need constant support.School psychologists are vital for student progress.Benefits of our company are tremendous.Students are morally fit which results in success of school.

This speech was evaluated by TM Ramanthan who commended the speaker for her nice delivery and recommended her to use power-point presentation to have more impact.

Speaker 4, TM Abhishek gave his P3 speech titled “Death Machine.”

1 million die every year due to tobacco smoking.According to the speaker tobacco smoking should be made illegal.Passive smoking causes lung cancer.Negative effects go beyond the person who smokes.The speaker ended by asking us to take an oath never to smoke.

The evaluator ,TM Bhaskar commended the speaker for his nice speech and asked the speaker to take more pauses.

TM Nirav then announced a break for 10 minutes.

Table Topic Speeches

Tt master TM Vinayakam Murugan took over as the Table Topics master.He briefly explained the importance of table topics and asked people to volunteer.

Speaker 1 TM Sachin

Topic:Always harder to be left behind then to be the one to go.

Speaker 2 TM Kirti

Topic:As I close my door to past it opens a door to something new.

Speaker 3 TM Tejaswini

Topic: Don’t be sad its over,be happy about the new beginning.

Speaker 4 TM Ankur

Topic: Things I would gladly say goodbye to.

Speaker 5 TM Nikhil

Topic: Friendship is not about whom you know its about who came and never left.

Speaker 6 TM Avinash

Topic: Never say goodbye.

TM Vinayakam Murugan then handed the control of the meeting to TMOD Nirav.TMOD then called the General Evaluator TM Mohammed.


TM Mohammed called the individual evaluators,timer ,ah-counter who reported their evaluations,timings and speaking errors respectively.TM Mohammed then gave her feedback about the entire meeting.

  • Timer cards should not go beyond the shoulders.
  • Mission statement was a bit incorrect.
  • Meeting started on time.
  • TMOD should use the POET format to introduce the speakers.

TM Mohammed then handed the control of the meeting to the TMOD of the day.TMOD called TM Tejaswini on stage to give her farewell address.The key points of her farewell address were:

  • Roles like timer ,ah cunter are neglected but they are equally important as other roles.
  • Competent leadership roles make you a better learner and a speaker.
  • When someone says ‘Thankyou’ instead of welcoming that person say ‘Pass it On’.

A cake was cut to mark her farewell.

After that winners were declared.

Best Speaker: Prateek

Best TT Speaker: Nikhil (He dedicated the award to TM Tejaswini)

Best Evaluator: Ramanathan

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