Meeting Minutes – 14th February 2016

128th Meeting

Time : 10:30 – 12:30
Total members attended : 19
Total Guest attended : 3
Toast Master of the Day (TMOD) : TM Mohammed
Ah Counter : TM Shekhar
Timer : TM Ramji
Grammarian : TM Soundharya
Word of the day :


General Evaluator : TM Nirav
Theme of the day : Valentine’s Day

Details of the Meeting

Sergeant At Arms TM Sunil Shaw started the session was ,giving general instructions and called the presiding officer TM Tanmaya to come to the stage and introduce the guests.

TM Tanmaya then called the Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) Mohammed to conduct the rest of the session.TM Mohammed introduced the theme of the day titled “Valentine’s Day”.

TM Mohammed posed a question ,”Does anyone know the history of Valentine’s Day?”Priest Valentine stayed in Rome which was under the reign of a cruel Emperor who banned marriages.When the priest opposed it,he was beaten with sticks and later his head was chopped off.The last line of his last letter to his girlfriend read “From your Valentine”. TMOD explained that the meeting is divided into three parts:Prepared Speeches,TableTopics and General Evaluation.

TMOD introduced the role holders and then began with the first session of the meeting the prepared speech session.

Prepared speeches

Speaker 1, TM Sachin gave her P3 speech titled “Who and I?”

The speaker was born and brought up in Chandigarh and had injured all his body parts more than once in school life.The speaker did his B.Tech in Dehradun from University of Dehradun.He works in Capegimini.The speaker believes in living his present.he is a fanatic sports lover.

THE speech was evaluated by TM Abhishek who said that the speech was well organised but needs to focus on eye contact.

Speaker 2, TM Sunil gave his P3 speech titled “Importance of leisure”.

“End of labour is to feel leisure”Aristotle.People feel Monday Blues at the start of every week.Work is necessary to earn money and goals.In this modern,mechanical life there is no time for family and relationship.We need a break from this stressful life.We need to use our leisurely time in a constructive manner:refresh our mind,do some social work and eat kitkat.

THE speech was evaluated by TM Soundharya who appreciated confident demeanour,good voice,and stated that stage mvment can be improved. that the speech was well organised but needs to focus on eye contact.

Speaker 3, TM Amit Joshi gave his P5 speech “Love train the beginning.”

Speaker is mesmerized by Aishwarya’s rosy lips and her beautiful face.He applies deo and facewash and plans to propose her.She rejects him citing a reason that she doesn’t know him.The speaker curses himself that he did not celebrate love week.He decides to live a bachelor’s life.suddenly he sees Astha passing by and he is back on his love train.

Tm Ramanathan the evaluator said that expressions and gestures were great but can work more on transitions.

Speaker 4, TM Tanmay delivered his P6 speech.

The speaker had lost his job,broke up with his girlfriend and lost 90% of his money in stock market.The speaker thinks of commiting suicide.In his dream he sees Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna inspiring him not to give up.He reads in newspaper that 1.5 million commit suicide every year and 455 are in the age range of 14-29.Nobody thinks about how to handle failure and we live in asociety where expressing sadness is considered as a sign of weakness.Today the speaker has a nice job,beautiful wife and guides people how to make money.

The speech was evaluated by TM Umme who stated that opening and conclusion were good but the second half lacked scope for vocal variety.

Speaker 5, TM Amit Panchal delivered his P7 speech “Men vs women’s brain”.

Women tend to be multitaskers while men tend to focus one task only.Men’s brain is larger than women’s brain.Women tend to process information in both parts of the brain.On the other hand men tend to score more in the aptitude test.Women tend to lie about their weight and height while men tend to lie about their salary.Women also lie to make others feel good while men lie to make others feel good.

Evaluator TM Nirav appreciated the speaker’s tonal quality,confident demeanour and recommended to use stage more effectively.

Speaker 6, TM Shanni delivered his P8 speech “My role model”.

We have various role models from mahatma Gandhi ,parents,Abraham Lincoln.As akid the speaker was addicted to comics and his role model was batman.As a kid the batman was afraid of bats,his parents were shot in front of him.The batman has taught PAW stratergy to combat problems in life.

P stands for Perception.A for action.W stands for will.

This speech was evaluated by TM Umme who remarked that content was well researched and structured.But voice variation and preparation would have helped to make more impact.

TM Mohammed then announced a break for 10 minutes.

Table Topic Speeches

Tt master TM Ramanathan took over as the Table Topics master.He briefly explained the importance of table topics and asked people to volunteer.

Speaker 1 TM Mohammed

Topic: You have an appointment with girlfriend and you are caught in a traffic.

Speaker 2 TM Umme

Topic:Which role in Toastmasters is closely related to Valentine’s day and Why?

Speaker 3 TM Raunak

Topic: Is Valentine day celebration required in our society?

Speaker 4 TM Sachin

Topic: A heart is not judged by how much we love but how much we are loved by others?

Speaker 5 TM Nirav

Topic: You are on a lonely island.Whom would you like to spend a day with?

Speaker 6 TM Neeladree

Topic: All you need is love but a chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Speaker 6 TM Kshitija

Topic: Valentine’s day means Live long,Laugh long and love Long.

TM RAMANATHAN then  handed the control of the meeting to TMOD Mohammed. TMOD then called the General Evaluator TM Nirav.


TM Nirav called the individual evaluators,timer ,ah-counter who reported their evaluations,timings and speaking errors respectively.TM Nirav then gave her feedback about the entire meeting.

  1. No auditor role and table topics evaluator.
  2. Extra pens can be arranged
  3. Shake hands on entering or leaving the stage
  4. The meeting started 2 minutes late.

TM Nirav then handed the control of the meeting to the TMOD of the day.TMOD called TM Tanmay to distribute the awards.

After that winners were declared.

Best Speaker: TM Tanmay and TM Amit Joshi

Best TT Speaker:TM Nirav

Best Evaluator: TM Umme

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