Meeting Structure

What to expect in a Toastmasters meeting 

A usual Toastmasters session consists of three sections :

Prepared Speeches

In this section, members deliver a prepared speech (called a project). Each project has a specific objective in an area that helps members practice different speaking techniques as defined in Competent Communication manual. These objectives are designed as guidelines to help you think about the various qualities that comprise a good speech.

Table Topics
During this portion of the meeting, members practice impromptu speaking by responding to topic questions prepared by the Table Topics Master.


Assigned member provide feedback on prepared speeches and also about the conduct of meeting as a whole. Evaluators in their feedback highlight the positive aspects of the speech and also suggest possible areas for improvement that speaker could work in his or her future speeches.

Roles in a Meeting
There are variety of role players who play an important role in conducting a Toastmasters session.

  • Toastmaster of the Day prepares and conducts the meeting as “master of ceremony”
  • The Table Topics Master conducts the impromptu speaking portion.
  • The General Evaluator conducts the evaluation section.
  • The Timer supports everyone by reminding them of their use of time.
  • The Ah Counter notes the use of crutch word and unnecessary sounds
  • The Grammarian notes the good and not so good use of language
  • The Auditor tests the listening skill of audience by asking questions related to the session
  • The vote counter is incharge of the ballot sheets and voting for the Best Prepared Speaker, Best Table Topic Speaker and Best Evaluator
  • The photographer is the one who captures all the memories of a meeting